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Cradle of Filth #5 Available in Shop. Last Copies of 69 Eyes #1 Available.

I obtained a few copies of Cradle of Filth: Maledictus Atheneaum #5, which was released in comic book shops in November from Incendium. This is my narrative interpretation of Cradle of Filth's album Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa. I'm joined by writer Holly Interlandi. I wrote the first half, which is very much from the point of view of Lilith herself. Holly picks up the second half, wherein the story shifts to the point of view of her victims. It's a really clever narrative bait-and-switch. Holly and I are joined by artists menton3 and Daniel Maine, with covers by both of the latter, along with Mister Sam Shearon. Those are available in the shop. Please note these are the newsstand cover and not the rigid premium cover. I hope to have those available shortly. Those are available here.

I am down to my last five copies of The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires #1. These copies are signed by both myself and Jyrki 69. If you'll recall, this is the first issue of the miniseries that was co-published by Seraphemera Books and my own imprint, Dark Notes Press. I was joined by co-writer Marc Moorash, along with artists Ben "1314" Hansen, Ava Dawn Heydt, Blake Wilkie, and Lora Gray. Those are also available in the shop, still at cover price. If you want one, get it now. Plans are afoot for an eventual reprint, but there may be a gap between printings. Also, Dead Souls: Resurrection is still available in the store and at Amazon, along with t-shirts, stickers, and buttons. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. You can find me online at:


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