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CONtraflow 7 this weekend

Apologies for the lack of updates. Work continues apace on the rebooted Dead Souls. At the moment, I'm seeking permission for the use of quotes from various 20th century philosophers whose words appear throughout the book. That means filling out contracts and licensing agreements, when I'd rather be writing scripts and filling out word balloons. But, the book is still on track for a release in the Spring of next year, with the introduction by Dani Filth. Speaking of which, Cradle of Filth's new album Cryptoriana is out, and it's quite good. You should check it out wherever you purchase music (and you should actually purchase it, because if you download it illegally, Dani will find you in your dreams and he will be deeply unhappy).

In other news, I'll be making me annual appearance at CONtraflow this weekend at the Airport Hilton in Kenner, LA. I'll be signing and selling comics, including Cradle of Filth, The 69 Eyes, Tad Caldwell, and my novel, Bloody October. I'll be on several panels, as well. The schedule:

Sat 11am: Contemporary Reality in Horror/Sci-fi/ Thriller Genres

Sat 1pm: Narratives in Punk Rock, Black Metal, and Shock Rock

Sat 5pm: Monsters

Sun 11am: Creating Comics

More information here.

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