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Upcoming DJ Gigs and Appearances

I have a series of DJ gigs and signings over the coming months. I hope all of you can make it out!

Friday, January 16th - Wednesday 13 w/ Death Church, Die So Fluid, & DJ Kurt Amacker at Siberia in New Orleans. More information here.

Sunday, February 8th - Nyctophilia w/ DJ Kurt Amacker & DJ Tarnish at the HiHo Lounge in New Orleans. Signing before and during event. Information TBA.

Saturday, March 7th - The Black Syndicate Presents: Unsactified Industrial Rave w/ DJ Kurt Amacker & Mod Eschar. Signing before event. Information here.

Wednesday 13 - 1-16-15.jpg
Black Syndicate - Pensacola FL - 3-7-15.jpg

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