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Dead Souls #1-3

Writing: Kurt Amacker

Art: Louis Manna

Cover: Heather Stanley


A saga of criminal conspiracies, cults, and immortal murderers, Dead Souls finds the historical Dracula, Vlad Tepes, alive and in modern New Orleans in what Dani Filth calls “one of the best and most profoundly imaginative comics that I’ve read in centuries.” When Tepes encounters another immortal killer in Erzsebet Bathory—living under an assumed name—the two mount a vigilante killing spree that alerts a cult hidden deep in Antarctica. Their mission? World domination. Their leader? One of the most terrible killers of the 20th century—and he would see Dracula dead using the one tool that can end the lives of the immortal killers. New and expanded trade paperback coming in 2014.



Immortal: 60 #1-2

Writing: Kurt Amacker

Art and Cover: J.C. Grande


What would you do if you were immortal for 60 seconds? When the alchemist John Reinhardt attempts to destroy death itself, he is forced to take on the dark angel’s mantle. Cast into the murky realm from where all life springs, he must serve a malevolent mother goddess who presides over all life. At her whim, worlds are created and destroyed in clockwork sequence. But, when Earth’s time arrives, Reinhardt journeys to New Orleans to enlist the services of Angelique Darque—a young Vietnamese woman who might duplicate the very ritual that enslaved him hundreds of years before. But, Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned—and her forces are fast at his heels.



Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid

Writing: Kurt Amacker

Art and Cover: Karl Slominski


The year is 1989. The city is Metairie, Louisiana—just outside of New Orleans. Nathan and friends are having another night watching horror movies. Except this VHS tape is different from all of the others. With no label and no title, the grainy video looks like one more no-budget shocker--a wannabe snuff flick shot on video and sold under the counter. But, Nathan realizes the tape may be more real than he thought, when he sees himself die on camera after yelling out a name: Tad Caldwell. Determined to understand the horrifying video, Nathan learns that Tad Caldwell is an elderly science-fiction writer whose son disappeared 20 years earlier under mysterious circumstances. For two decades, Caldwell has claimed that a UFO took the boy in exchange for knowledge of their forbidden science. He poured what he learned into his final book--a cult bible of extraterrestrial lore called The First Revelation. Nathan searches for the reclusive Tad Caldwell, learning along the way that the truth often has many sides—and that there may be more to Tad Caldwell than a man who believes his fiction is science.



The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires #1-2

Writing: Jyrki 69, Kurt Amacker, Marc Moorash


The true history of The 69 Eyes has long remained hidden—until now. Pieced together from a secret story hidden in six of the band’s songs and confirmed from hints dropped in countless articles and quotes, Seraphemera Books brings you the tale of the formation of The 69 Eyes you won’t find elsewhere. A story of unrequited love, sacrifice, and bloodlust--the story traverses from the battlefields of the Hundred Years’ War across Europe in the 1970s, through the early Goth scene of the 1980s in Los Angeles, Paris, and New Orleans. The reluctant vampire Jyrki pursues the urban witch Christina Death in hope of a cure for his condition. Instead, he finds both love and a creature he does not fully understand. The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires tells the story of two people trying to save a relationship when neither can die—and the dire consequences that follow when they are discovered by an ancient cabal of fanatics. Issue #3 coming in Spring 2014.



In 2009, Kurt Amacker helped book and promote a New Orleans date for the platinum-selling Finnish “goth n’ rollers” The 69 Eyes. After a night of carousing with singer Jyrki 69, the two became friends and spoke over text and e-mail for two years after. In May of 2011, Jyrki contacted Amacker and proposed a yearly vampire-themed event in New Orleans, with himself as principal DJ. With little time to waste, Amacker quickly assembled a team of DJs and a crew for an event in July. With HBO’s blessing, the event was called “Fangtasia” after the infamous “bar with a bite” featured on the hit series True Blood. Thus, a tradition was born and for two years, Fangtasia emerged at 1135 Decatur in the French Quarter—home to the city’s raucous dark music scene. While the first year featured only DJs, the second included the event’s first live act with the “Gothic troubadour” Aurelio Voltaire in a special acoustic performance. The venue was once again packed to the walls with fans from all over the country in attendance to drink, dance, and party with Jyrki 69 and Amacker. The third year saw a move to a larger venue and the inclusion of the first full band. The legendary Los Angeles dark rock band Christian Death performed in New Orleans for the first time in over a decade. Now, with 2014 on the horizon, both Amacker and Jyrki 69 are preparing for the event’s fourth year and an expansion of events and talents. Find more information at

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