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I am available to work on your writing project!  E-mail me for quotes and rates. 


Services include:

  • Scripts for movies, comics, plays, and screenplays

  • Comic book lettering

  • Online articles, editorials, reviews

  • Print articles, editorials, reviews

  • Proofreading for spelling and grammar

  • Proofreading for spelling and grammar, with editing for style

  • Press releases

  • Ghostwriting with attribution 

  • Ghostwriting without attribution*

  • DJing


*Ghostwriting is an accepted industry practice.  I, as your ghostwriter operate under a work-for-hire agreement and a confidentiality clause and you can attribute it to whomever you want.  I am happy to take any job that does not put me in a legal, ethical, or moral gray area. 


Note: I WILL NOT write your term paper, your corporate report, or any other work that is dependent entirely on your authorship. 

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