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Immortal: 60 - The Collection Signing and Preorder

The collected edition of Immortal: 60 (my second miniseries after Dead Souls, with full color art by J.C. Grande) will be available to order on July 29th (yes, in eight days) from this site, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in other brick-and-mortar shops. The Kindle edition will also be available. Because of the submission process, it may not be available in direct market comic shops for a few more months.

On Friday, August 14th, I will be guest DJing at the nightclub event Strange Creatures in New Orleans, as well as signing copies of the book and reading from a couple of passages. After that, I'll be on a quick "signing tour" for the book. Dates and locations to follow. If you buy the book at one of the signings, it's $3 cheaper than the retail cover price.



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