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July 2022 Updates

Recent interviews have been uploaded to the Media page. There are a few new podcast interviews and reviews.

Apologies for the lengthy delay between posts. A lot has happened since the launch of Dead Souls: Resurrection in 2020. To briefly summarize:

A movie adaptation of my 2012 graphic novel Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid (art by Karl Slominski, originally published by Seraphemera Books) has been filmed and is currently being edited. The film is directed by Laura Duvall, who did the voodoo doll short for the Cradle of Filth: The Curse of Venus Aversa Kickstarter campaign, along with every other video I've been in. The film stars Jason Kirkpatrick, Jake Alexander Williams, Olivia Worley, and Scott Innes, among many others. You can check out the whole cast here and see pictures and social media updates here. Scott Innes (current voice of Scooby Doo) also recorded an original song and music video for the soundtrack. The script is very faithful to the original comic, although some settings and locations had to be changed to accommodate logistics and scheduling. More information as it becomes available.

For that matter, I am writing a sequel to Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid. This is a continuation of the graphic novel. It takes place two years later. Nathan is dealing with the trauma of nearly being killed and has taken to the airwaves as a pirate radio host. It should be out sometime next year.

I will be returning to the world of Cradle of Filth in Summer 2022 with the third issue of Maledictus Athenaeum from Incendium This is my interpretation of "Bathory Aria" from the classic album Cruelty and the Beast. I am joined by joined by Hugo Award winning illustrator Abigail Larson and cover artist Meghan Hetrick. See the cover below, but you can order the comic (and the first two issues) here.

There will also be a newstand variant available in comic book shops in the Diamond Previews catalog (JUL221789) here. That should be in stores by September.

For those who don't have it yet, stock on The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires #1 is very low. If you want one, get it now. Plans are afoot for an eventual reprint, but there may be a gap between printings. Also, Dead Souls: Resurrection is still available in the store and at Amazon, along with t-shirts, stickers, and buttons. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. You can find me online at:





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