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Preorders for Cradle of Filth: The Curse of Venus Avesa

Inevitable production delays and printer overages have made it possible for us to continue accepting preorders for Cradle of Filth's forthcoming adult graphic novel, The Curse of Venus Aversa, along with the t-shirts and work shirts from Sigh Co. Graphics, and the handmade Dani Filth voodoo dolls from Quarter Kids. If you take a moment to visit the store, you'll see that I am personally ensuring that preorders ship directly--thus allowing us to reduce the cost of international shipping by a few dollars as well. Preorders for the shirts end on December 31st, and very few will be available afterwards. And, for those of you that missed out on your opportunity to have a Skype chat with Dani Filth and myself--a few less-than-committed pledgers to the Kickstarter campaign haven't fulfilled their payments. Thus, there are now six remaining packages that include a personal thank you within the pages of The Curse of Venus Aversa, a cameo by you in at least one panel (that's right--you can be in the book!), and the aforementioned Skype chat--along with the t-shirt and voodoo doll. Please head over to Kickstarter or contact me directly here if interested. Now, the Black Christmas elves return to work, drawing comics, sewing dolls, and printing shirts. Horrific holidays, Filth fans. You'll be hearing from us soon...

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