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The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires #2
64 pages, black and white

The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires #2

  • Writing: Jyrki 69, Kurt Amacker, Marc Moorash
    The true history of The 69 Eyes has long remained hidden—until now. Pieced together from a secret story hidden in six of the band’s songs and confirmed from hints dropped in countless articles and quotes, Seraphemera Books brings you the tale of the formation of The 69 Eyes you won’t find elsewhere. A story of unrequited love, sacrifice, and bloodlust--the story traverses from the battlefields of the Hundred Years’ War across Europe in the 1970s, through the early Goth scene of the 1980s in Los Angeles, Paris, and New Orleans. The reluctant vampire Jyrki pursues the urban witch Christina Death in hope of a cure for his condition. Instead, he finds both love and a creature he does not fully understand. The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires tells the story of two people trying to save a relationship when neither can die—and the dire consequences that follow when they are discovered by an ancient cabal of fanatics. Issue #3 coming in Spring 2014.
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