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Dead Souls #3 -
48 pages, black and white

Dead Souls #3 SOLD OUT

  • Art: Louis Manna
    Cover: Heather Stanley
    A saga of criminal conspiracies, cults, and immortal murderers, Dead Souls finds the historical Dracula, Vlad Tepes, alive and in modern New Orleans in what Dani Filth calls “one of the best and most profoundly imaginative comics that I’ve read in centuries.” When Tepes encounters another immortal killer in Erzsebet Bathory—living under an assumed name—the two mount a vigilante killing spree that alerts a cult hidden deep in Antarctica. Their mission? World domination. Their leader? One of the most terrible killers of the 20th century—and he would see Dracula dead using the one tool that can end the lives of the immortal killers. New and expanded trade paperback coming in 2014.
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