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Cradle of Filth : Maledictus Athenaeum #5 Cover A by menton3


In the ruined halls of the Maledictus Athenaeum lie occult histories, sealed records, and cursed artifacts-this unholy archive explores the far corners of Cradle of Filth's musical legacy. Inspired by the album "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa," this issue explores the legend of Lilith through the lens of a tragic romance.

Issue #5 sees the return of writers Kurt Amacker and Holly Interlandi to the world of Cradle of Filth, joined by illustrators menton3 and Daniel Maine in tale in which Lilith, cast out of Eden, takes her bloody revenge upon the ancient world.

Cradle of Filth: Maledictus Athenaeum #5 Cover A

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