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A hack reporter. A punk rock princess. A real vampire. And, a whole lot of murder...

It’s 1997, and the gothic underground has overtaken the New Orleans club scene. On Friday and Saturday nights, the children of the night pour from the bar at the corner of Decatur and Ursulines. Among them is Jason Castaing--a middling journalist who scrapes by on jobs with free weeklies.

But, Jason has a secret. John Devereux, his best friend, is the only real vampire in the world. After a chance meeting at a car accident, the two become best friends and start drinking a path through the French Quarter.

It's all booze, broads, and parties ‘til dawn, until they help send a wannabe vampire to jail for a triple murder.

Now, a year later, someone knows John's secret. Two women are dead, with their throats torn out. The vampire skips town, and leaves Jason to play detective and clear his friend’s name.

He doesn't have much, but he's not alone. A tough-as-nails punk rock girl named Maureen and a washed-up cop are all the friends he has left--until he meets two men with deep connections to the vampire underworld. They show him a side of the city he never knew. But, that’s not all Jason learns.

John Devereux has a past.

The more he digs, the less he trusts his best friend.

And no matter what happens, there's always a bottle of bourbon and an open pack of smokes nearby--and Jason Castaing isn't sure which one will kill him first....

Bloody October

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